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At Hudson Global Scholars, our first priority is student success.

Our programs are designed to help students prepare for and achieve bright futures in English-speaking universities and the global workforce. Whether a student wants to earn their U.S. diploma or a school wants to embed a full K–12 U.S. curriculum, we can help. Hudson Global Scholars delivers easy implementation of high-quality programs and courses anytime, anywhere. This includes technology, program support, and curriculum, so all you have to do is help students succeed.

U.S. Dual Diploma

A path to U.S. university—and success—for international students! Earn a U.S. high school diploma from anywhere from one of our accredited schools.

University Admissions Guarantee

Successful graduates are guaranteed admission to one of more than 30 top English-speaking universities, or we will refund their program fee.

300+ K-12 Courses

Choose from a wide range of courses including electives, AP®, and university-level courses—all guided by U.S. standards. 

English Language Learning (ELL) Program

Transform your students into university-ready learners. Our program offers English instruction from Pre–A1 to B2 levels in preparation for advanced academic coursework.

University Advising

Free and paid advising options help students navigate the U.S. system. Our expert advisors meet with students to offer individualized support with university applications. 

Global Student Community

All our students are part of a vibrant community of Hudson Global Scholars around the world. 

Put Your Students on a Path to Success!

Subject Specialized, U.S.-Based Teachers

Our students are guided by U.S.-based, native English-speaking teachers who are specialists in the subjects they teach.  Trained in the best methods of online education, they offer flexibility by accommodating students’ preferred time zones, ensuring a globally accessible educational experience. 

Flexible & Convenient Teaching Models

Our courses are available in several teaching models to fit students’ needs and schedules. From self-paced formats to one-on-one instruction to live group sessions, we offer students the flexibility to succeed.

Independent Study

  • A fully self-paced learning experience with oversight from students’ U.S.-based teachers
  • Start learning at any time during the year

Private Instruction 

  • A combination of self-paced learning and live sessions
  • Complete self-paced curriculum and individual meetings with teachers for live instruction

Group Learning

  • Live instruction provided by a teacher up to five days per week
  • Students attend on their school’s schedule and combine self-paced learning with live sessions

Prepare Your Students for Global Success