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U.S. Dual Diploma Program

Hudson Global Scholars created the U.S. Dual Diploma program for international students hoping to attend university in the U.S. or another English-speaking country. Students earn an American high school diploma from one of our accredited schools that is recognized around the world.

Get Ready for University Success!

The U.S. Dual Diploma Program introduces international students to the structures and learning styles of American university campuses.

Successful Dual Diploma graduates are:

Highly proficient in English

Ready to study on a U.S. university campus or in any English-speaking country

More comfortable communicating with American students and university professors

More desirable to University admissions officers and employers

Guaranteed admission at an exclusive list of top U.S. and other English-speaking universities

Part of a global network of students with similar goals in a vibrant online community

Take the Next Step to Prepare for English-Speaking Universities

How It Works

Students complete 10 semester-length courses (5 total credits) online in addition to high school coursework at their local school.

Sample Program

Subject Sample Courses Semesters
English Literature English I
English II
History World History 2
Electives Introduction to Business
Digital Media
Introduction to AI
Renewable Energy

Customized for Student Success

  • English Focused with Exciting Electives: Designed to complement most local curricula, the course progression supports and challenges students as their English proficiency improves through each semester.
  • Flexible Timing: Most students take one to two courses per semester to complete the program in three to four years. However, the schedule can be compressed for students in higher grades.
  • Adjusted for Student Level: Though a B1 English level is required, we can add supplemental ELL courses for students who need extra support. Advanced students can be challenged with a course of study that includes AP® and university course options.

Get on the Path to Success!