What We Do

Supporting the Educational Needs of Schools and Students Around the World

By providing all the tools, systems, and support needed, Hudson Global Scholars can enable you to expand your curriculum, offer a fully online option, grow your student body, fill a teacher gap, and support student aspirations. We stand ready to do as much or as little as you need to succeed.

Today, schools worldwide are looking for ways to serve their K-12 students better and help them stand out among their peers. Together with our school brands and innovative technology, we can help you deliver more options and better outcomes for your students:

  • Enhance your school reputation & technology image
  • Offer a broader course catalog
  • Provide the flexibility of hybrid learning
  • Ensure students develop the academic and technical skills needed to succeed
  • Help your graduates stand out as they apply to U.S. universities
  • Attract more families

Our network of partner schools spans the globe and continues to grow. We are looking for more of the best to join us.

Robust Relationships, Training, And Support For Our Partners

We create deep relationships with our school partners in order to provide the best possible education to their students. Our expertise and high-quality training and support for students, teachers, and schools ensure our programs are successful, helping schools stand out and thrive. Depending on the program, we may recruit and train your local teachers and/or provide some instruction. Our flexible online education solutions are designed to fit your needs no matter what they are. Here are some of the key features of our programs:

Fully Accredited

We are fully accredited through Cognia (formerly AdvancED), a global network of 36,000 schools in 85 countries.

Flexible Calendar & Schedule

Our programs can adapt to your local schedule and calendar to meet your needs.

Tools, Systems & Support

We provide partner schools with all of the tools, systems, and support needed to go online stress-free.

Extensive Course Library

We offer a library of 300+ digital courses designed for online learning.

Subject Certified Teachers

Our highly qualified teachers are subject-area experts and at the heart of the student experience.

School Onboarding & Training

Every partner school receives extensive onboarding and training to ensure its success.

Live Orientations

Recorded video orientations aren’t enough. We hold live orientations regularly to ensure staff, parents, and students are comfortable using our tools and systems.

Pacing & Performance Dashboards

Student performance data is easily accessible by school staff, parents, and students through dashboards and reporting to ensure student success.