A Bright Future Ahead

by: Bruce Davis | Jan 27, 2024 | Article


When I set out to start Hudson Global Scholars in 2019, I had one goal: To deliver the best online K–12 preparatory education to students worldwide. At Hudson, we provide open and equal access to top U.S. teachers and curriculum regardless of home location. For us, it’s about creating opportunities for everyone, and this is what motivates us day in and day out.

As a long-time education industry innovator, I realized early on that online learning done right was the only way to bring top-notch coursework and learning support to kids around the globe. Online learning is the great equalizer because it offers educational benefits to children who live outside large metropolitan areas and who otherwise might not have access to top prep schools and the advantages they offer.

Online education also provides certain economies—there’s no physical campus or infrastructure to maintain—and, as a result, offers a price tag that many more families can afford.

Preparing a child to live a full and prosperous life is a parent’s number one goal. And for most parents, early education is viewed as the foundation upon which a child’s future is constructed. This means that most of us seek out the best schools, tutors, and after-school activities for our kids.

However, we can also run into roadblocks. Maybe our child excels at calculus, and we can’t find an advanced math class for her. Or perhaps our child is struggling with chemistry, and the neighborhood school can’t deliver before- or after-school tutoring. Maybe we want our child to learn in a 100% American English environment so that he reads, writes, and speaks fluent English.

There are plenty of reasons why an international family might seek out additional educational opportunities for a child. At Hudson Global Scholars, our goal is to provide those opportunities so that every child’s learning adventure is enjoyable and successful.

Early success in school is important for kids—it ensures they have the necessary competencies to succeed in university and, later, in the workplace as productive team members and managers. At Hudson, students not only learn how to excel in subjects such as math, science, and literature, but they learn how to do it in fluent English, which is vital in the business world today. In addition, they study in an online/hybrid system very similar to that of a modern university.

Most kids—no matter where they live—will use English in the workplace. Imagine the possibilities you offer your child when you give them the ability to think, analyze, and debate an idea in English. Your child could work in the U.S. or any English-speaking country or environment, including tech start-ups, financial institutions, international hotels and resorts, and multinational corporations. Their career options will be numerous, and their economic security will be virtually guaranteed. It’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

When I talk with parents of the thousands of students already enrolled in Hudson Global Scholars programs, they often express gratitude for the skills and confidence their children have acquired. They know their investment will pay dividends in the future—as their child receives their first degree, first internship, and first job.

In many ways, Hudson provides parents and their children with access to the English-speaking economic world with opportunities that lead to bright, rewarding futures. Where will this opportunity take you?

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