One Diploma, Three Paths: A Dual Diploma Can Take You Anywhere!

Meet three Hudson Global Scholars from Vietnam whose experiences reflect the unique ways that a U.S. Dual Diploma helps students, even from the same country, to achieve their goals with opportunities at home and around the globe.

Through Hudson Global Scholars programs, international students are prepared for university and careers in English-speaking countries. Students decide to pursue a U.S. Dual Diploma for their own unique reasons and ambitions. Even when scholars are enrolled in the same country, their paths can be vastly different. Yen Nhi, Quynh, and Kevin are three Vietnamese students that reflect the diverse opportunities that students can take with their U.S. Dual Diploma in hand.

Yen Nhi Studies in Australia

Yen Nhi loves to explore and learn about new things—particularly other countries and cultures, which made the Dual Diploma program appealing to her. She enrolled and earned a U.S. diploma while also earning a diploma from her local high school in Vietnam.

Yen Nhi found the Dual Diploma Program both interesting and useful. Two of the major benefits for her were immersion in the English language and time management skills. The flexible, online coursework required to earn a U.S. diploma helped Yen Nhi understand the American way of teaching, and she was able to practice her English pronunciation to communicate more confidently with people from other cultures. Yen Nhi also made friends with like-minded students in other countries, students who share the same dreams.

Yen Nhi dreamed of attending a university abroad because she believes that the practical experience of being immersed in another culture will expand her learning. Every Dual Diploma student receives free advising throughout the program to help with the university admissions process. Yen Nhi gained acceptance to universities in New York and in Australia.

Ultimately, she decided to pursue her university degree in Australia. At Western Sydney University, Yen Nhi studies International Business. She shares, “My dream career is to run a small business, and if possible, I also want to take more communications classes to gain more knowledge.” As a future entrepreneur, Yen Nhi understands that she must have certain skills to run a successful business. As a graduate of the U.S. Dual Diploma program, Yen Nhi is prepared to thrive in higher education and her career.

Quynh Heads to the United States

Another graduate from Vietnam, Global Scholar Quynh, received a U.S. Dual Diploma after completing all the classes in her program: 5 course credits (10 semester-length courses) in English with her accredited Hudson Global Scholars school in addition to high school course work at her local school.

The Dual Diploma classes were essential for Quynh in improving her English language skills. Before enrolling, she considered her English limited. As an online scholar, Quynh’s English skills went from barely proficient to fluent, a skill for which she is grateful.

Through the Dual Diploma program, students gain the English proficiency and essential skills needed to be successful in an English-speaking university and the global workforce. For Quynh, the free advising support she received with her Dual Diploma was invaluable, supporting her with the university admissions process. Her advisor was always there for what she needed and to offer help and guidance. Quynh received acceptances at University of Massachusetts Boston, University of the Pacific, and University of Illinois Chicago. She has chosen to enroll at University of Illinois Chicago so that she can pursue biochemistry and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor.

She is looking forward to living the full U.S. university experience and joining a music club where she can share her love of singing. She is also looking forward to experiencing the culture of Chicago including its famous food and winter season. Quynh hopes that others will consider a U.S. Dual Diploma and benefit from the many ways it supports scholars with skills they need to succeed at universities abroad.

Kevin Attends University in Vietnam

A graduate of the U.S. Dual Diploma program, Kevin is a university student living in Ho Chi Minh City. When he first heard about the Dual Diploma program, he recognized the potential opportunity of this international program to expand his future pathways.

The program offered a completely different approach than he was accustomed to as a student in Vietnam. The student-focused learning experience, guided by enthusiastic teachers, increased his productivity and problem-solving skills. He grew as an independent learner and greatly improved his English skills. Kevin fell in love with economics and English language arts, subjects that were all new to him then but are now the basis of his international business major. He was well-prepared for his university classes.

Kevin’s U.S. high school diploma has set him apart for education and work opportunities. After being offered a significant academic scholarship, Kevin chose to stay in his home country to attend Western Sydney University at their Vietnam campus. He also secured a job and is enjoying his work in the marketing department at Victoria School, an international bilingual school in Vietnam. Kevin’s experience as a Global Scholar uniquely prepared him for this advantageous role—an opportunity to continue to build English and business skills for his future career.

For Kevin, learning is his top priority. His next goal is to pursue an MBA abroad. He also hopes to spend time working abroad before returning to Vietnam to utilize his education and skills. Ultimately, he plans to create a startup for university students to practice business skills. Kevin sees the Dual Diploma as an opportunity for self-improvement, learning, and building international knowledge: “this program can be your transition or milestone” for the paths that lie ahead. Kevin says the Dual Diploma program transformed his life.

Whether a student aims to study in the U.S., live in another English-speaking country, or excel in a top university or career at home, Hudson Global Scholars’ courses and programs enhance academics, build lifelong skills, and connect high school students with a vibrant international student community. The flexible online approach is designed for 21st century learners and opens doors to a top American education from the comfort of 25 “home” countries around the world. Hudson Global Scholars celebrates the success of thousands of students like Kevin, Quynh, and Yen Nhi each year.

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