Hudson Global Scholars and MangoSTEEMS Announce Partnership to Deliver U.S. Education Online in Asia


February 2, 2024 – Hudson Global Scholars and MangoSTEEMS division have partnered to offer Asian students an opportunity to learn English, earn a U.S. diploma, attend an English-speaking university anywhere in the world, and achieve their goals.

Hudson’s proven expertise in delivering U.S. education online, combined with MangoSTEEMS’s extensive relationship with schools across Asia and their dedication to making innovative S.T.E.E.M.S. education solutions accessible to all students, creates a powerful partnership. This collaboration will open doors for more students in Asia to be better prepared and equipped for the dynamic demands of the global economy.

The Hudson Global Scholars team is guided by decades of experience in international education. Their curriculum and systems follow those used by universities in the United States. Students learn through high quality academic programs that are fully accredited by Cognia and, upon completion, receive U.S. high school diploma recognized by universities.

“We are committed to providing vital programs, courses, advising, and assistance that transform international schools into effective learning centers for the global economy,” said Bruce Davis, CEO of Hudson Global Scholars. “By becoming a Hudson Global Scholar, students gain access to a world of opportunity, jobs, friends, and prestigious universities. Through the power of the internet, you receive an American learning experience in English and join a vibrant student community, in which you can interact with new friends from over 25 countries.”

“At MangoSTEEMS, we believe in unlocking every student’s potential through quality education. This partnership with Hudson Global Scholars marks a significant milestone in our journey to bring world-class affordable U.S. education to students in Asia, ensuring they are not just participants, but leaders in the global economy,” stated Pote Narittakurn, CEO of MangoSTEEMS.

About Hudson Global Scholars

Hudson Global Scholars provides the best U.S. education to our school partners and students around the globe through the combination of best-in-class curriculum, highly qualified instructors, and personalized online learning experiences. Students who successfully complete the Dual Diploma and Certificate programs will receive a U.S. high school diploma and be prepared to enter top universities. Learn more at

About MangoSTEEMS

MangoSTEEMS is a leading education service provider in Asia, committed to equipping every child with the knowledge and skills required to succeed and excel in the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st century and beyond. Learn more at


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