Top 4 Benefits of Joining a Global Student Community

by: Emily Doyle, Director of Program Management and Community Engagement


Online learning creates educational opportunities that are more accessible than ever before. It can open doors to students and help them succeed in their goals of attending top universities or embarking on well-respected careers. A well-rounded online learning program can support students beyond their diploma, especially as they are given chances to interact with peers on a global scale.

Global education programs, such as the Hudson Global Scholars U.S. Dual Diploma, offer students the gift of being part of a diverse, international student community that fosters friendship, learning, and excellence.

Here are the top benefits our students shared about joining a global student community:

1. Learn about cultures and traditions around the world.

Participating in a global network offers students the chance to interact with peers around the world. In the Hudson Global Scholars community, students participate in weekly facilitated discussions, where they discuss fun topics, such as favorite foods and cultural traditions. These conversations empower students to try out new recipes, learn new languages, and better understand the experiences of their peers. In addition, they prepare students for interactions they will encounter out in the world, whether they decide to study abroad or embark on an international career path.

2. Get a head start on professional networking.

Students living in different places around the world often have a lot more in common than they may realize! For example, the HGS community includes many aspiring engineers, and the community gives them the chance to connect on this common dream. When students share common interests, they’re inspired to keep achieving academically. They share ideas about which classes to take or ways to improve college applications. Students that meet in high school also have a built-in advantage if they go on to study at the same universities and can continue their friendships beyond high school.

3. Develop leadership skills.

Academics are critical, but students who really want to stand out on university applications must demonstrate additional experiences and skills. Traditional extracurricular activities such as sports, student council, and drama club help students develop key leadership skills that benefit their college applications and future careers. In online learning programs, activities and clubs can look a little different (it’s hard to imagine an online sports team), but the opportunities for leadership are strong.

Imagine having the opportunity to participate in international debates with students from all over the world. This is possible in global student programs! The Student Ambassador program at Hudson Global Scholars is another excellent example of online leadership-building. In this exclusive community program, students are paired with mentors, and they volunteer as leaders in the global student community. They develop critical skills such as public speaking, writing, and group facilitation. One of the best ways to grow is to practice leadership in community with others—and global networks encourage just that.

4. Celebrate accomplishments on a global scale.

When students are part of an international network, their accomplishments are shared on a global stage! This means that when students accomplish their goals—whether it is achieving excellence in sports or admission to their top choice university—their new friends are cheering them on from countries all over the world.

The Hudson Global Scholars community loves to celebrate. During Spirit Week this January, the community recognized students’ admissions to top universities all over the world! Celebrations help to build student confidence and inspire others to rise to greater potential.

Global online education programs have the incredible power to bring students together in community and achieve greater things together. Through communal experiences, they build knowledge, friendships, leadership skills, and confidence for years to come.

If you’re interested in joining the Hudson Global Scholars community, contact us today!

About the Author

Emily Doyle is the Director of Product Management and Community Engagement at Hudson Global Scholars. In this role, she oversees product management, university advising, and student engagement programs. Over the last 15 years, Emily has launched many innovative new products and initiatives in education technology. As Vice President of Brand Experience at Teachstone, she launched a new form of customizable and accessible online professional development, impacting teaching practices during the pandemic and beyond. She is passionate about community building and has designed and scaled dynamic spaces of belonging for educators, corporate employees, customers, and students. Emily is an avid runner and cook and enjoys sharing her interests with the international student community at Hudson Global Scholars.

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