Scholar Spotlight: Nehir Başara Shoots for the Stars, Studying Astrophysics and Physics in Bristol

Hudson Global Scholar: Nehir Başara
Hudson Global Scholars program: Providence Country Day U.S. Dual Diploma
Home: Istanbul, Turkey
Studying at: University of Bristol, England

Nehir completed the Providence Country Day School U.S. Dual Diploma program in 2023, while attending Bahçeşehir College in Antalya, Türkiye. She’s currently studying Astrophysics and Physics at the prestigious University of Bristol in England. She sat down with us and shared more about herself, her experience in the program, and what she’s planned for the future.

Hudson Global Scholars: Congratulations, Nehir, for achieving your higher education dream! Tell us about yourself and what makes you unique.

Nehir: Thank you! Outside of school, I love wind surfing and playing the piano. I also learned quantum coding, which quickly became my passion. I think these activities helped me to shape my mind into choosing what I want to be.

Hudson Global Scholars: You’re studying Astrophysics and Physics. Why did you choose this major?

Nehir: Astrophysics and physics had been my biggest dream and passion as long as I could remember. Planets, starts and everything else fascinated me and when it was time to choose, I wanted to follow my dreams.

Hudson Global Scholars: What are your career goals upon graduation?

Nehir: My biggest career goal is to complete my doctorate and become an academician. I would like to become a scholar and expert in astrophysics.

Hudson Global Scholars: How is life as an international university student?

Nehir: Being an international student has both advantages and challenges. I am learning new cultures and gaining new experiences. With my knowledge regarding other cultures getting richer, I’ve started to see the world differently. Aside from this, being an international student also made me more mature.

Hudson Global Scholars: To get to where you are, you completed your U.S. Dual Diploma with Hudson Global Scholars. Why did you decide to do this?

Nehir: I decided to complete this program to have a deeper understanding of the education system of other countries as well as to open more gates for my future. I also wanted to practice my language skills while learning about different topics and to prove to myself that I am capable of more than I think.

Hudson Global Scholars: Tell us how the U.S. Dual Diploma program benefited your educational journey?

Nehir: I became more familiar with the English language as well as the other schooling and lesson systems. I also met wonderful friends and very knowledgeable lecturers. I learned about different topics and got a general idea about American geography, literature, and much more.

Hudson Global Scholars: What was your favorite course in the program?

Nehir: My favourite topic was English literature. I really enjoyed reading different classics and having the chance to discuss them freely.

Hudson Global Scholars: How did you manage to get your local high school diploma and your U.S. Dual Diploma while also enjoying your hobbies and friends?

Nehir: While it took time and effort, I focused on the results and the fact that I would be able to proudly say that I have two diplomas. I also got encouragement from my family and friends, which helped me a lot. With their help, I succeeded!

Hudson Global Scholars: Do you have any advice for young students worldwide who are currently studying in the Hudson Global Scholars Dual Diploma program and plan to study at a university abroad?

Nehir: My biggest advice for them would be to be brave. It may look scary but when you do it, it’s worth every second. Sometimes best thing is to take a deep breath and push the thoughts away. It is very rewarding.

Nehir’s educational journey was featured in an article titled “Nehir’s journey from Çeşme to Space.” We wish her continued success! Anyone interested in supporting Nehir’s education can contribute via a GoFundMe page set up in her honor: Help Nehir achieve her dreams.

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