Pioneering a new route to world-class education and admission to America's top universities

The United States hosts more international students than any other country and it’s easy to see why: U.S. colleges and universities are among the best in the world—helping students everywhere expand their horizons, perfect their skills, build impressive careers, and drive the global economy.

While most succeed, there are many international students who struggle with the demands and rigors of the U.S. system. In fact, nearly one third of international students at U.S. colleges and universities transfer to different schools after the first year. Hudson Global Scholars is here to change these trends.

Driven by Discovery

Taking our name from the 17th century navigator and explorer Henry Hudson, we channel the drive, energy, and determination of his pioneering spirit to create meaningful opportunities for high-performing international students and the elite U.S. prep schools and universities who serve them. We empower students and educators to look to the horizon, dream about where they can go, and embrace the opportunities that lay ahead.

Hudson Global Scholars was founded by a team of seasoned online education leaders to help international students pursue their dreams on American shores. We welcome young people everywhere who have a passion for knowledge and discovery—the same spirit that inspired Henry Hudson to explore America more than 400 years ago.

Our programs, relationships, and deep expertise provide an inside track to acceptance from the most prestigious U.S. universities. Students in our programs have a clear path for consideration by the country’s top schools, prepared for a lifetime of achievement and success.

Preparing international students for top U.S. colleges and universities

By partnering with top U.S. universities, Hudson helps demystify the college application process and provides clarity around admissions standards and procedures. And by ensuring students have the opportunity to earn a prestigious U.S. prep school diploma, Hudson strengthens international student qualifications before the college application process begins, setting up the foundation for future success.