For U.S. Colleges & Universities

Connecting U.S. Universities with International Student Talent

More than 1 million international students study at U.S. colleges and universities each year. But are they the right students for your school?

Our Pipeline to International Talent

The international students who thrive on top U.S. university campuses are those with exceptional drive, superior academic credentials, and willingness to fully embrace the U.S. college experience. We partner with U.S. prep schools to deliver high-quality college prep programming and guidance — under their names — to talented, driven students worldwide. Our international students are ready and able to fully embrace U.S. campus life.

Trusted, Holistic Candidate Vetting

Unfortunately, the college application process does not always effectively identify which students will thrive on U.S. shores. Perhaps this is why nearly one third of international students who study in the U.S. change their university after the first year.

Our holistic, transparent, and rigorous college prep programming – including best-in-breed coursework, intensive English-language skills development, and holistic college application guidance – cultivates top-notch students who are fully vetted and ready to engage in elite university settings. You can trust us to provide and prepare the best.

Membership in the Hudson Global Alliance

Our U.S. university partners benefit from more than a superior pipeline of international students. Our partners become members of the Hudson Global Alliance, an elite network of leading U.S. universities and prep schools. Being an HGA member demonstrates your commitment to serving international students, and offers exclusivity and prestige. Plus we’ll eagerly share insider industry knowledge and networking opportunities. Put our deep experience and strong connections to work for your school.

Sustainable Diversity

U.S. colleges and universities understand the desirability of increased diversity and the long-term financial sustainability of a more international student body. Forward-thinking U.S. universities have confidence that our hard-working students have earned a prestigious U.S. high school diploma, honed top-notch English skills, and successfully embraced the Western education experience — fully preparing them to thrive on their campuses.