For International Students

Expanding Options for International Students

All students, regardless of where they were born, deserve access to a world-class education. Hudson Global Scholars makes that possible for students worldwide. Working with our partners, we connect the best in U.S. education with the best students around the world.

Students completing a dual diploma program with one of our prep school partners:
— Become more attractive to top U.S. universities
— Stand apart from other global students
— Are prepared for U.S. university life
— Have direct access to leading U.S. universities

Diverse, High-Quality Academics

We partner with respected U.S. prep schools to bring their high-quality courses and programs to international schools and students, online. These international students have access to world-class curriculum and guidance from our U.S. partner schools.

Current academic programs include:
— Dual diploma programs
— Full high school diploma programs
— AP/Honors courses/tracks
— English
— College Guidance
— Study abroad, exchange, and immersion opportunities

21st Century Skills

Our academic programs have been designed specifically for international students, teaching skills to succeed in U.S. university classrooms including:
— Creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking
— Reflection and discussion
— Application of knowledge and skills

Our Dual Diploma Program

Through our partnerships, international students can earn a prestigious U.S. high school diploma from one of our U.S. prep school partners. Those who complete a dual diploma program with one of our U.S. prep school partners receives that same prestigious U.S. high school diploma, as well as a diploma from their home school and country.

Elite U.S. University Pathways

As navigators of the Hudson Global Alliance, we have strong connections with top U.S. colleges and universities and know exactly what they look for in applicants. We understand the unique criteria and dynamics of the U.S. college application process and leverage that expertise on behalf of strong college-bound international students. Fortified by a prestigious U.S. prep school diploma and our college prep and application expertise, our international students have significant advantages in gaining admission to elite U.S. universities.

College-Bound Success

Students working with our school partners worldwide have earned acceptance into top U.S. colleges and universities, including:

Our partnerships ensure 100% earned admission to colleges and universities ranked in the top 5% by U.S. News & World Report.