For International School Partners

Connecting with International Schools

Today, high schools around the world are looking for ways to better serve their students and stand out among their peers. Hudson Global Scholars can help. Together with our partners, we can help you deliver more options and better outcomes for your students:
— Enhance your school’s reputation
— Support your families’ aspirations
— Attract more families
— Help your graduates stand out as they apply to U.S. universities
— Ensure they are prepared to succeed there

Our network of international partner schools spans the globe and continues to grow. We are looking for more of the best to join us.

Diverse, High-Quality Academics

Your students benefit from highly qualified instructors, best-in-breed, world-class curriculum, and grade-appropriate English — all personalized to suit your needs.

Current academic programs include:
— Dual diploma programs
— Full high school diploma programs
— AP/Honors courses/tracks
— English
— College guidance
— Study abroad, exchange, and immersion opportunities 

Preparing International Students For Elite U.S. Universities

The high-quality and prestigious programs from our U.S. prep school partners — capped by a diploma from a distinguished U.S. prep school—help international students stand out as they apply to U.S. universities and ensure they are prepared to succeed on U.S. shores.

Robust Relationships, Training, And Support For Our Partners

We create deep relationships with our international school partners, including student exchanges, summer acculturation, and teacher training. Our expertise and high-quality training and support for students, teachers, and schools ensure our programs are successful, helping international schools stand out and thrive. Depending on the program, we may recruit and train your local teachers and/or provide some instruction. Our flexible calendar adapts to your local holidays and needs. 

 Affiliation With Elite U.S. Prep Schools

International schools who partner with one of the U.S. prep schools in our elite network become affiliated with a real bricks and mortar U.S. prep school campus – which helps their schools stand out and attract new families. As a Hudson Global Scholars partner, you are a member of the pre-eminent worldwide education organization serving international students who are bound for U.S. universities. With our guidance, your students can be accepted to top U.S. universities — helping to build your academic reputation.

Sustainable Growth

Partnering with a Hudson Global Scholars prep school in the U.S. helps international schools better serve current families and attract new students. Our scalable programs build revenue for you, positioning you for long-term success.