The Dual Diploma Program of Providence Country Global Campus – Vietnam

Jan 14, 2021 | Article

In December 2020, Nguyen Hoang Group, together with Hudson Global Scholars and Providence Country Day School, held an online signing ceremony to commemorate the Providence Country Day Global Campus (PCDGC) Dual Diploma Program launch in Vietnam. 

The program aims to provide Vietnamese 12th graders of IEC Quang Ngai, UKA, and iSchool school systems a dual diploma, awarding students both an American and Vietnamese High School Diploma. The PCDGC Dual Diploma Program is considered a ticket for Vietnamese students to reach out to the world. 

The Providence Country Day Global Campus is a collaboration between Providence Country Day School, an American College Prep School, and Hudson Global Scholars, an online education provider–who will directly deliver the American High School Dual Diploma Program online to students at all Nguyen Hoang Group schools. 

The dual diploma program requires Vietnamese students to complete a culmination of 960-hours of learning within 2 or 3 years, including 6 American PCD credits and 18 transferred credits from their local Vietnamese school. They study online and receive live lessons lectured in English with PCDGC teachers and offline with NHG facilitators. Exclusively, program participants are acknowledged as official PCD students and are welcomed to join in different activities and projects with PCD students in the U.S. and worldwide.   

Upon graduating with a PCD Dual Diploma, Vietnamese students become more attractive to U.S. universities. They will also be more likely to be accepted to top U.S. universities such as Brandeis University, Johns Hopkins University, The University of Chicago, University of California, New York University, etc. 

Dr. Do Manh Cuong, Deputy CEO of Nguyen Hoang Group, shared his thoughts, “International integration is a trend not only in Vietnam but also around the world, including education. One of the most common terms for our youth is “American Dream.” That is not about the life of wealth; indeed, among Vietnamese folk, it is about the desire to learn and contribute to the world. The signing ceremony between Nguyen Hoang Group and Hudson Global Scholars today will help students fulfill their dreams to become global citizens full of responsibilities.” 

Blended Learning – State-of-the-art Trend on Learning

E-learning is an approach that has been widely used in countries such as the U.S., Japan, Korea, and Singapore, etc. In fact, online learning saves at least 60-80% of the cost and 40-60% of the time compared to traditional classrooms. Not only does this approach save money and time, but it also increases students’ interests thanks to its vivid and highly interactive activities. 

In the AI development era and the pandemic of COVID-19, studying abroad seems complicated right now. But with blended learning options trending, there is a suitable, ideal solution to assist Vietnamese students in reaching global knowledge. 

In addition to earning an American High School Diploma through the PCDGC Dual Diploma program, students will also receive reference letters for college applications from American PCDGC School teachers. Moreover, parents can save more than 5 billion Vietnam Dong compared to studying in the U.S., and there is always student support and counseling service from PCDGC teachers and Nguyen Hoang Group facilitators.  


About Our Partner Schools 

Hudson Global Scholars is a member of the Sterling Partners Education Investment Fund, one of the leading educational investment funds in the U.S., established in 1983. HGS provides the best U.S. education to school partners and students globally through a combination of best-in-class curriculum, highly qualified instructors, and personalized learning experiences.  

Providence Country Day School, a partner of HGS, is one of the most prestigious college prep schools in the U.S., with more than 4,000 alumni worldwide and accredited by NEASC. 

The signing ceremony between Nguyen Hoang Group, Hudson Global Scholars, and Providence Country Day School marks a new step in the NHG knowledge-spreading journey. Now, becoming an American student is no longer an unachievable aspiration among the Vietnamese.  

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