Mission & Values

Hudson Global Scholars was founded by a team of seasoned online education leaders to serve the needs of millions of students and education providers worldwide.


Our Purpose

To provide the best U.S. education to our school partners and students around the globe through the combination of best-in-class curriculum, highly qualified instructors, and personalized learning experiences. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a U.S. high school diploma and be prepared to enter top universities.


Students around the globe


Our Mission

We are a teaching and learning organization that brings elite U.S. education and signature experiences to unite schools and students around the world. We prepare students for admission into top universities and ensure that they have the skills and experience to thrive.


U.S. education and signature experiences unite schools and students around the world.


Our Values


Our partners succeed by collaboration with our stakeholders.

We drive partner success.

As a service organization, we collaborate and consider the impact of our actions on our stakeholders.

Continual improvement by iteration.

We are committed to continual improvement.

We are resilient entrepreneurs who iterate with speed.

Focus on outcomes by continually assesing and adapting

We focus on outcomes.

We have the humility to implement best practices regardless of the source, and the integrity to continually assess and adapt.

Growth guided by data and feedback.

We embrace a growth mindset.

We are eager to learn more, guided by objective data and stakeholder feedback.

Looking for the best in each other.

We celebrate.

We are optimists who actively look for and celebrate the best in each other.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we can help you create your own inside track to future success.